Sissy Pants

In 1943, Finkleman Publications set out to push the limits of graphic storytelling and raise public awareness of the comic book as a true American artform! Then, when that didn’t work, we started doing a bunch of comics about crime fighting pets. But for a while there we had a pretty good thing going, and amassed a gallery of rare and amazing works dating back to the birth of the artform!

And thus the Finkleman Endowment for the Comic Arts Library, or FECAL, was created, to preserve and archive the obscure, the experimental, the avant garde and the just plain unmarketable. And now we’d like to share with you what is  perhaps the rarest, most valuable asset in the FECAL Library. Sissy Pants ran for only 1 week in The Nantucket Pennysaver and never garnered much of a following in that time. Its creator, Whitman Sampler, eventually abandoned the strip to pursue a more lucrative career in the field of chimney sweeping.

We’ve painstakingly restored these breathtaking strips to ensure their legacy for future generations. You’re welcome.

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