The Messenger Has Landed



Hot off the press, it’s another Rhyme Warp X Jeff Mills joint!

(Here’s what happened the last time we melded minds, in case you missed it.)

We were recently given an amazing opportunity by Shueisha Inc. to adapt Jeff Mills’s concept for THE MESSENGER into a 4-page manga. And I bugged out all over again typing that sentence just now.

That’s the cover of the issue above (also cool but not by us). Now if you’re in the continental U.S. like myself, you may have a hard time finding a copy unless you can come to my house and check out the comp (bring snacks). I’d toss the whole thing up online, except 1.) I think that’d be illegal?, 2.) You really gotta see the whole issue in its glorious phonebook format to fully appreciate it, and 3.) Let’s be real, your ass can’t read no Japanese.*

But I still had to mention the project here because I’m really excited about how it all went down and I’d love to do it again sometime. In the meantime I’ll be holed up in my room reading Bakuman, dreaming of becoming the greatest mangaka who has ever lived on my block.

*To be fair, nor can mine

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