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    About Clash Royale

    What is this all about?

    Clash Royale hack proof

    Clash Royale is the very first portrait-style game from Supercell with super addicting gameplay and strategic yet simple interface. The action begins like any other mobile games, that demonstrates you the basics through tutorials before letting you take into the game freely with real-time player challenges worldwide. It is somehow based on a card-game, but in a distinctive way. The cards represent various spells, troops, and buildings that makes an army for you to use in the battle. Cards can be accumulated all throughout the game, which can also be donated, and use in battles and can be purchased as well.

    Game Resources:

    GOLD – Can be used for searching multi-player battles, spending for cards and boosting them through upgrades.

    ELIXIR – An in-game resource that can be used on battles to drop troops, buildings, or spells from your selected cards.

    GEMS – The premium currency of the game. Can be used on unlocking chests, buying gold, card purchases, instant opening of chests, and virtually any type of tasks that needs time to unlock.

    You can gain all of these resources using our hack tool. You only have to input your Player ID (which can be found in game Settings), select your device, choose amount of resources, then hit the Generate button to start. Our online tool connects to the system through our complex algorithm called Anti-Track™ which manipulates the database without getting detected. Everything will be done 100% safe and secure. So what are you waiting for? Try our online tool and dominate the game today!


    Feedback from our users.

    user 1

    Diana Dixon

    Clash Royale Player

    Hack is simple enough and does the job easily. Got my Gold and Gems in less than a minute!

    user 2

    Bernie Wijnands

    Clash Royale Player

    I had a little trouble at first, but the 2nd time it worked and every time since. Thanks guys!

    user 3

    Sidney Sauvé

    Clash Royale Player

    I can't ask for more, hacked tons of resources and I'm coming for more! lol

    user 4

    Peter Trommler

    Clash Royale Player

    You guys have saved me a lot of money in purchasing Gold and Gems that is for sure. Thanks!

    user 5

    Geraldino Conti

    Clash Royale Player

    This has helped me to get Gems when my mom won't let me use her credit card haha! Thanks a ton! =)

    user 6

    Lucas Oliveira

    Clash Royale Player

    This hack saved me hundreds of dollars! All my friends love me now because I'm giving them unlimited Gems.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a question?.

    A. This hack is one of the first online hacks for Clash Royale ever! No download necessary, this hack takes place in the browser, unlike most other hacks which are most likely a virus. With our online app, you can add as many Gold & Gems as you want. You can run this hack once a day, so be sure to bookmark this page for your daily dose of Clash Royale hack.

    A. The script works like this [note: this entire process takes place in the background while the hack is working]: First, we login to one of our dummy accounts. We create thousands of dummy accounts a day just to make sure we don't run out. With this dummy account we run some 'magic' that allows us to duplicate in-game resources/currencies. This code is closed source so please don't message us asking to buy it! Then, we send you the amount of Gold & Gems you entered in the hack. Since the accounts are already created, this process only takes about 20-30 seconds.

    A. Nope. We don't ask for your password and you don't download anything, simple as that. Our sponsor affiliates are provided by 100% legitimate marketing companies operating in the United States and Europe.

    A. Nope. Our affiliates who run the human verification do not spam your email, or use your email for other purposes. It's there just to act as a third-party human authentication API to help us block out bots that could harm our servers.